Become A Volunteer

“As a member of Friend for Life, giving one on one support to a person recently diagnosed with cancer is one of my most personally rewarding volunteer activities. Though active in several other organizations, none of the volunteer work is so personally rewarding as trying to provide support as a cancer survivor at a most traumatic time for a person recently diagnosed. Giving support to a recently diagnosed cancer patient makes each experience a memorable one. It sounds trite, but it is so true: I get much more than I give!”

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Friend for Life Cancer Support Network. It is highly important, to those we support, to our volunteers, and to the organization that each prospective volunteer:

  • knows FFL’s expectations for providing one-on-one support
  • is emotionally and psychologically prepared to provide one-on-one support to others
  • receives training by healthcare professionals prior to becoming an active volunteer

Volunteer Training

Prior to becoming an active volunteer, Friend for Life requires that you participate in training provided by healthcare professionals. For those living in the Louisville, Kentucky area, volunteer training sessions are currently provided once each year, on a Saturday during the spring. A training session lasts eight hours; breakfast and lunch are provided. There is no cost, but registration is required.

If you live outside the Louisville area or are physically unable to attend a training, we will send you a packet of training materials to complete.

Follow Up

Following the training, you will be asked to

  • meet or speak individually with a Friend for Life staff member
  • provide a personal reference
  • provide a physician reference (not required for co-survivors)


At any time, if you have questions or concerns regarding becoming a Friend for Life volunteer, please contact us.