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"It was as if I could finally breathe. FFL gave me hope, and I carry that with me every day of my life and share it with whomever needs it.”

Friend for Life offers support to adults recently diagnosed with any form of cancer through matching with a trained volunteer who has survived the same type of cancer and similar course of treatment. There is no fee for receiving our support.

If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer of any type and would like to be matched with a volunteer who has experienced the same form of cancer and similar course of treatment, you may complete and submit our online form or contact us via telephone or e-mail.

If you are a cancer survivor and would like to become a trained volunteer with Friend for Life, please complete our online form or contact us via telephone or e-mail.

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Friend for Life Cancer Support Network

Facing cancer, with someone who's been there.

" the quieter spaces of our most common, ordinary days, may we find the sacredness of creativity. In the chaos of treatments, 'surviving' and even 'normal life,' may we find peace. In the celebration moments of cure, remission, or 'just one more day,' may we find a joy unaffected by life's ups and downs. And, in spite of, or perhaps because of a diagnosis or a loss, may we find wholeness."

- Rev. JoAnne S. Morris